Always consistent, with excellent materials and continuous controls, the “Lykakis” company produces dough products exclusively for professionals. With modern, privately owned facilities, integrated control systems at all stages of production and properly trained staff, we guarantee top quality products and excellent cooperation!


Drawing upon elements from the Greek family tradition, we collected the best recipes using the finest materials and the result is a wide range of products with homemade flavours and exceptional quality, supplementing or constituting the basic dietary habits of Greeks.

Excellent quality

A wide variety of dough products … at very attractive prices. With systematic and constant product control, we reciprocate the trust of our partners by creating daily fresh and healthy products with “Lykakis” unique quality signature.


Our effort to ensure top quality products and best service to our customers has been very successful and still remains our top priority. Our first goal for the time to come is to cover more outlets in Greece and the next is to export to neighbouring European countries.


our products

Unparalleled quality, fresh and delicious products, such as handmade air-pastry sheet, croissants, homemade pies, brioches, pizzas, Lenten products, sweet delicacies and so much more. We gradually enrich our product list in order to satisfy even our most demanding customers.

Κασερόπιτα χειροποίητη

Handmade – air Pastry Sheet

Κολοκυθόπιτα ταψί παραλληλόγραμμη

Rustic pies

Κρουασάν σοκολάτα καβουράκι


Mini croissants

Κουλούρι στριφτό-τυρί

Round buns

Φλογέρα Φιλαδέλφια


Πίτσα Μεσογειακή τεσσάρα

Brioche – Pizza

Μίνι πραλίνα

Mini specialties – triangles

Πεϊνιρλάκι μπριός

Croissants – Brioche – Mini kourou

Πεϊνιρλί λαχανικών

Lenten (meat,egg,dairy free)

Μακρύ φυστίκι

Petit Fours

Αχιβάδα μπανάνα

Summer petit fours

Μπάρα λευκή σοκολάτα

Bars – Soft Bars – Florentines

Cranberry μπανάνα

Cookies- Biscuits

Sweet Delicacies


Rusks – Crackers – Breadsticks


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